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Lexus Industry News

Lexus Industry News
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  • Autoweek Comparison: Lexus IS 300h vs. BMW 320i EDE
    Autoweek, the largest car magazine in The Netherlands, tested the IS 300h against the BMW 320i EDE in their latest issue — by way of a trusty translator, here’s how the two cars compared: Can the new IS be compared to the 3-series? If you are only after driving experience, you should opt for the […]
  • Lexus RX 200t Test Mule Spotted in Japan?
    Japanese magazine MAG-X has published photos of what they claim is a test mule for the turbocharged four-cylinder Lexus RX 200t — here’s the full page from the September issue: The very first mention of a possible RX 200t came in April of this year, when Lexus filed a trademark for the nameplate in Australia […]
  • Lexus to Create Live Comedy Commercials During Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    Starting tonight during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Lexus will be staging two live IS commercials performed by improvisational comedy troupes: In an intriguing ploy meant to harness both TV advertising and social media, NBC will allow Lexus to run a live commercial in two different ad breaks accompanying the show. In the first, set […]
  • Drive Australia Comparison: Lexus IS 250 vs. BMW 316i vs. Mercedes C200 vs. Audi A4
    Drive Australia has brought the Lexus IS 250, BMW 316i, Mercedes C200 & Audi A4 1.8 TFSI for a comparison test — here’s what they had to say about the newest Lexus sedan: The boldly styled cabin combines sporty and luxurious elements. Cabin storage is quite good, although there are no rear door pockets, and […]
  • Video: Lexus Canada Takes the 2014 IS to the Track
    Lexus Canada recently held a track day event in Montreal, and created a video of the event using high-resolution RED cameras & an octocopter: There’s also a behind-the-scenes look at how the video was filmed: Both videos do a super job of demonstrating the capabilities of the new IS, and the image quality is off […]
  • More Illustrations of the Rumored Lexus RC F Coupe
    The September issue of Japanese magazine Holiday Auto has a five-page spread on the upcoming Lexus RC F, and included in the article are several illustrated attempts at what the new Lexus coupe might look like — here are the full pages (click for higher resolution): As is the case with any Japanese magazines, I’m […]
  • Eiji Toyoda, Toyota President & Lexus Founder, Dies at Age 100
    Eiji Toyoda, the longest-serving president in the history of Toyota and the man responsible for the creation of the Lexus brand, died today at the age of 100. His legacy extends through every corner of Toyota’s success — under his leadership, the company grew to become the world’s biggest automaker and revolutionized modern manufacturing with […]
  • Is Lexus Planning an Even Smaller Crossover?
    According to Car Advice, Lexus may be considering something even smaller than the LF-NX: Asked about the potential for a compact SUV during a media round-table at the Frankfurt motor show, Lexus design division project general manager Takeshi Tanabe responded: “Why not?” Larger than originally expected at 4640mm long, the LF-NX concept – set to […]



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