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Our Lexus Repair Services


New Car Warranty Service/Factory Authorized Maintenance

Even while your Lexus is still under warranty, we can perform Factory Approved Services in areas such as oil & filter, cooling, transmission, tune-ups, and other maintenance.


Buying a Lexus Soon?

Before you purchase your next Lexus or Toyota, take advantage of our Pre-Purchase Inspection. The 51-point inspection includes a written evaluation and test drive which gives you the information you need to make an informed buying decision.


Suspension Systems

Shocks and Struts, Suspension Problems, Front-End Service and Repair.


Engine Service

Diagnostic tests and Repair of Engine Oil Leak, Timing Belts, Timing Chains, Head Gaskets, and Engine Replacements.


Brake Systems

Diagnostic testing, Inspections and Repair of Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Disc and Drum Brake Service.


Drive-Train System

Diagnostic tests and Repair of Electronic Controlled Drive-Trains, Clutch Replacement, Transmission Overhaul, Drive Line and Axle Service.


Cooling Systems

Diagnostic testing and Repair of Coolant Leaks and Overheating, Radiator and Water Pump Replacements.


Comfort Systems

Diagnostic tests and Repair of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.


Electrical Systems

Diagnostic testing and Repair of Electrical Wiring, Charging Systems, Starter and Alternator Replacements.


Engine Performance

Diagnostic tests and Repair of Vehicle Drive Ability, Fuel Injection, Computer and Emissions Systems.


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