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A few Saturday's ago I went to NTB on Dekalb Industrial to see about changing break pads on my RX330. 2 hours later they finally got around to giving me a quote and it was going to be over a $1000 dollars!. I quickly said thanks, I'll get a second opinion. I remembered seeing LexTechs while driving through Decatur and on a whim drove over there and was pleasantly surprised to find them open. I stopped in and asked for a verbal quote based on the work NTB said I needed and about fell over when they said at most it would probably be less than 1/2 of what NTB quoted me for. I quickly made an appointment to get serviced the following week. They finished in less the time estimated and at a fraction of the cost I would have paid at the dealership or NTB. I completely trust LexTechs to be honest about what I need don't need and I found their service to be outstanding. I'm so glad they are part of Decatur!
Jodi April 19, 2011
The check engine light popped up on my RX300 and I was like, oh no how much is this gonna cost to fix!!! Made an appointment on line and went in and was out in less than 20 min. It was a simple fix after hooking it up to the diagnostic machine. So glad I really did not have to come out the pocket too much!!! Will be back if the need arises.. Thanks a bunch guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandice Abrams March 18, 2011
I went to Lextechs for the first time on 3/11/11. Excellent service and great prices! Chad and Huston were very personable and I will definitely be back. Thanks!!
Lee Tarrant March 12, 2011
Great & speedy service, friendly staff, clean environment...and to top it off...great prices! I'll never have to visit another Lexus dealership repair shop again. Thanks Chad and staff;-)
LaToya March 04, 2011
I've taken my car to Lextechs twice now and both times have been incredibly impressed with their service. Their rates are very reasonable and are considerably less than the dealership. The discount prices don't lead to discount service though - these guys are top notch! Chad and Huston are both friendly and helpful. I wouldn't think of taking my Lexus anywhere else. I should also note that I typically do all of my own car work. About seven years ago I started trying small jobs at first, progressing to more advanced repairs. I haven't taken my car into a repair shop ever since - Lextechs were the first guys I trusted since converting to a DIYer. I have no regrets! I don't always have time to do my own car work, so trusting my Lexus to Lextechs is no problem at all. Do yourself a favor - ditch the dealership and call Lextechs!
Nick Thompson February 24, 2011
It's good to be free of the dealership. We will refer every Lexus-owning friend. Thanks for moving to town.
jim February 23, 2011
Not only did they come in lower than the dealership quote, but they asked about it - to make sure they did! Furthermore, the guys took extra time to find an after market part that significantly reduced my cost. All this with courtesy and un-pretentious professionalism. I'll be back.
Walt Skupien February 17, 2011
I am very happy that I found LexTechs of Atlanta. # 1 These guys are HONEST and humble. I truly believe that it was God that led them to me. The dealership was robbing me blind. These guys are half of the cost and quicker. If you have a Toyota or a Lexus you need to come here and leave the dealership robbers alone.
Anika Harris January 29, 2011
I am a young owner of a Lexus RX 300, and plenty of mishaps happen to my car. LexTechs helped me out with them and did not over charge me one bit. They have a customer for life!
Morgan Prime January 22, 2011
I must admit that I was a bit nervous placing my car in the care of a service other than Lexus or Toyota. However, LexTechs made me feel very comfortable and ensured they would meet the same satisfactory qualifications as any dealership. I must admit he was right! I'm beyond satisfied with the work of LexTechs of Atlanta and plan to visit again soon!
Nikki January 11, 2011


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