Ultimate Lexus GX470 Overland Build – The Raven

The Owner

Meet Kenny Chan, one of our Diagnostics Specialist here at LexTechs Of Atlanta. He always gets a lot of questions about his Lexus GX470 offroad build, which he loves. So we decided to try and answer some of those questions here.

KENNY CHAN Diagnostics Specialist - Decatur

Meet Raven

This particular GX470 has actually been in the LexTechs Overland family for about 6 years. It started as one of our owners’ vehicles that they used as a family SUV. When they decided to get a bigger vehicle to support a growing family, Kenny stepped in and the Raven was born. Of course Kenny said it would stay stock and become his “grownup vehicle”, but that was not the case.

It did stay stock for a while, but not long. He started with a simple ICON Stage 1 lift kit, a BMC mod, LT295/70R17 E Nitto Trail Grappler tires, and 17×8.5″ FN Overlander wheels. Then, probably after taking things a bit too far, he had a little incident on the trails damaging the front bumper. So he was obviously “forced” to replace it with a Metal Tech 4X4 Goblin front bumper and top it off with a Warn 10-S winch, but that simply added too much weight. This extra weight led to new front and rear ICON HD springs and deleted sway bars. The extra flex without the sway bars eventually caused both front and lower control arm bushings to rip… and promptly get replaced with Whiteline LCA bushings.

So the story continues from there. With more rides comes more and more parts and mods (full list below), yet Kenny still claims this GX470 is not complete.

More to come on this build. Let us know what you think so far.

Nice work Kenny!

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Parts And Mods List


  • JW Off-road Full Roof Rack(Steel)
  • JW Off-road Rear Cubby
  • 2 x JW Off-road Molle Panel
  • CBI Ditch Light Mount
  • Heretic Studio 40″ LED Bar (Flood Pattern)
  • Heretic Studio 20″ LED Bar (Combo Pattern)
  • 2 x Heretic Studio Quattro LED Pod (Combo Pattern)
  • 4 x Sylvania 4″ Cube LED Pod
  • 4 x Sylvania Flush Mount 4″ LED light pod
  • Midland MXT275 GMRS Radio
  • Switch Pros SP-9100 Switch Panel
  • Expedition Essentials GXPAM Mount
  • ARB 63qt Fridge Freezer
  • MetalTech 4×4 Goblin Front Bumper
  • Warn 10-S Winch
  • 2 x Crosby 3/4″ Bolt Type Anchor Shackle
  • Factor 55 FlatLink MultiMount Winch Line Shackle Mount
  • Factor 55 Winch Line Spool
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 1 Lift System
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics HD Spring Front/Rear
  • WhiteLines LCA Bushing Kit
  • FN Wheels Overlander 17″x8.5″ -6mm 4.5″BS
  • LT295/70R17 E Nitto Trail Grappler M/T
  • MetalTech 4×4 BMC Plate
  • Nitro Gear 4.56 Clamshell Front Gear Set
  • Yukon Master Front Differential Rebuild Kit
  • Eaton Front E-Locker
  • Nitro Gear 4.56 8″ Rear Gear Set
  • Yukon Master Rear 8″ Differential Rebuild Kit
  • Yukon Solid Pinion Spacer(Rear)
  • Eaton Rear 8″ E-Locker
  • eimkeith Panhard Correction Kit
  • RCI Engine Skid Plate(Bare Aluminum)
  • RCI Transmission Skid Plate(Bare Aluminum)
  • RCI Transfer Case Skid Plate System(Bare Aluminum)
  • RCI Fuel Tank Skid Plate(Bare Aluminum)
  • RCI Rear Differential Skid Plate(Steel)

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