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“Our experiences with Toyota and Lexus vehicles are not the only ones backing our choice, but the fact that we always end up with another Lexus or Toyota for ourselves has always meant something to us.” 

Before we get into why millions (including us) choose Lexus and Toyota every year, let’s learn a bit more about the company. If you didn’t already know, both Lexus and Toyota vehicles are made by the Toyota Motor Company. This means that, as different as a Lexus and Toyota may look and feel, they are very similar mechanically. This is also why both of them get the same high praise in pretty much every category. They are both products of a company that knows what’s important to its consumers, and one that has more than enough experience in the industry. Although the first Lexus was only introduced about 30 years ago, the Toyota Motor Company has been perfecting their craft for closer to 90 years. And both Lexus and Toyota vehicles are the beneficiaries of this long history.

Ok. That’s enough of the history lesson. So, why did we choose Lexus and Toyota only for our shop? The simple answer is that they are the best. The long answer requires a few more facts, but don’t worry, we won’t bore you with a list of awards (they’re at the bottom..). Instead, we can tell you from experience that the Toyota Motor Company truly deserves each and every one of those awards. Both Lexus and Toyota vehicles have been consistently praised for their dependability, resale value, safety, and longevity over the years. And they do this while still providing top notch styling, functionality, performance, and ride quality. Some may say: “Who cares? Lots of car brands win lots of awards.” While this is indeed true, we like to look at each award individually. For example, how much does an award for “initial quality” mean to the average consumer? This is an award for the least amount of problems in the first 90 days of ownership. There tends to be a lot of attention on awards like this, but what happens after 90 days? Or 2 years? Or 8 years? These are the type of questions we have asked ourselves, and the answers obtained through our own experiences have always led us back to Toyota/Lexus. They have a proven track record on what really matters: safety, dependability, styling, and making some of the longest lasting cars on the market.

That is why we chose Toyota/Lexus, and is probably why many of you have done the same. We are all car nuts here, as you probably expected, and most of us have owned and worked on any number of different car brands. Our experiences with Toyota and Lexus vehicles are not the only ones backing our choice, but the fact that we always end up with another Lexus or Toyota for ourselves has always meant something to us. At LexTechs we like knowing that as long as we do our jobs properly, the vehicles will perform as they should when leaving our shops. Our goal every day is to satisfy our customers, and we truly believe that the Toyota Motor Company strives to do the same.

In the end, everyone will buy the car of their choice, and we, as car nuts, would never want to change that. We simply want everyone to know that a Lexus or Toyota is never a bad choice if you want a vehicle of any performance or price range that is dependable, looks amazing, and will last forever.

Some Recent Awards We Like:

Toyota accounts for half of the top 12 longest lasting cars on the market according to a study from iSeeCars. (iSeeCars Study)

Both Brands ranked in the top 3 most dependable according to a 2019 J.D. Power study. (J.D. Power Study)

Both Brands in top 3 for J.D Power’s Resale Value Awards in 2019. (J.D. Power Study)

Lexus ranked best overall and most trusted luxury brand by KBB in 2019. (KBB Awards)


Jeffery Amburgey · April 9, 2021 at 9:28 pm

I think we can all move things around in our head to make our reasoning support what we do as it relates to car purchases. I also think by looking at reports and statistics we can get a window into what to expect with certain vehicles. With that said, in my opinion especially with Lexus, its not what’s on paper. Driving and owning these vehicles gives one a sense of quality, of everything working together. You never really think about “problems” because there are seldom any. I have two, I love them, the blogs and opinions can be confusing, but I have never heard a Toyota or Lexus owner utter “what a money pit, or what a piece of crap” and I am 60 years old. Quality is simply quality, and these brands do it very well, just ask the owners.

Matt Randall · May 10, 2021 at 2:55 pm

I understand Toyota, no problem. For the life of me I can’t understand why anybody would spend $15k- $20k more for ‘a Toyota wrapped in leather with a badge…’

Lexus IS a marketing ploy and a total waste of money. I agree, Toyota makes a great engine, but throw on an ugly grille, leather and extra cup holders for $20k? Biggest scam in the auto industry!

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